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SEN Information Report for Wybourn Community Primary School – July 2018


Teaching assistants are at present used in class by the class teacher to target specific children in their class. This gives the teachers in a teaching team the freedom to implement their own interventions across a year group meeting both an individual’s and groups of children’s needs.  Children’s needs are highlighted through assessment and classroom practice and then discussed with the SLT during child progress meetings. Target children and strategies are then discussed and agreed upon for the term.


Speech and Language:

School has bought in additional hours of NHS therapist time for the next financial year. 

The therapist is being used to train, mentor and support members of staff in three different interventions as well as targeting high need children with extra sessions and supporting the referral of children with severe need to the SLI Team.


3 interventions are now being run throughout school by teaching assistants, supported by the NHS therapist.

Running alongside the NHS work is the LCLC project therapist whose targets include supporting Wave 1/environmental factors and Wave 3 (individuals with specific needs)


All children in Reception/Nursery have been screened to assess and identify possible speech and language difficulties or needs