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Our Curriculum

  • Wybourn School curriculum is operated within the National Curriculum Framework and Foundation Stage Framework, based on the philosophy that we are involved in developing the whole child.

  • There is a strong emphasis on the basic skills of maths, science and English, however there is an equally strong emphasis on the social development and enrichment of each child.

  • Pupils are taught in single year group classes under the guidance of a class teacher. At times, children may work in smaller groups being taught by other members of staff.

  • Learning from first hand experience plays an important part in the curriculum and so we plan a number of educational visits during the year. On occasions parents may be called upon to make a voluntary donation towards the costs of visits but this will always be kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Classes now follow creative half-termly themes which link areas of the curriculum, providing meaningful and more relevant learning opportunities for pupils. Parents/Carers are made aware of themes through class newsletters.

  • This school adopts a fully inclusive policy. The needs of individuals and their capabilities will be considered and catered for within the school as far as possible, in order to ensure optimum achievement and progression.

  • The curriculum will provide a wide range of educational experiences which will be common to all pupils, but which will vary according to individual ability, needs and development. The curriculum will fully comply with the entitlement subjects as set by National legislation. Religious Education will comply with the Sheffield agreed syllabus.