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Y5 "Tints and Tones", Y4 Parents' Art Afternoon and Y3 Bell Beaker Pottery

Art and Design at Wybourn Community Primary School



At Wybourn School we believe that Art and Design is an important part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. To support us in doing this, we use Cornerstones Curriculum. It engages pupils in exploring their own creativity as well as learning about artists past and present. By encouraging our children to explore and develop their own skills, we will promote a lifelong love of learning and children who are prepared to embrace the ever-changing world around them. Our Art and Design projects are well sequenced to provide a coherent subject scheme that develops children’s skills and knowledge of visual elements, art forms, artists and art movements.  Projects are placed alongside other subject projects where there are opportunities to make meaningful connections.


Life Skills and Resilience  

Lifelong learners

At Wybourn School we believe a high quality Art and Design Curriculum engages, inspires and challenges our pupils and equips them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.


Core Values- Positive Contributors and Citizens

Through our Art and Design Curriculum, each child will be encouraged to develop their own talents to the full. They will show their creativity and take risks by coming up with their own ideas and gain independence by thinking and doing things for themselves. Our children also learn to work together and cooperate when working on class or group projects.  When studying Art and Design, they will demonstrate their curiosity by asking questions. They will grow in knowledge by experimenting and communicating their own ideas through a range of media and gain in confidence as they develop their own style. They will be open minded as they view artistic preferences from different perspectives.

At Wybourn School, our Art and Design Curriculum is aimed towards developing the whole child in a nurturing and secure environment. Our high quality Art and Design education encourages pupils to develop their own talents. We believe that every child has a talent and that it is our job as educators to find it and nurture it so that every single child can be the very best they can be.   





We adopt a practical approach to teaching and learning in Art and Design which develops our pupils as young artists. To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in Art and Design, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school but always focuses on knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. We try to ensure that Art and Design is given the same importance as the core subjects, as we feel this is important in enabling all children to gain ‘real-life’ experiences.

Teachers plan lessons for their class using the Cornerstones Curriculum. Children are taught to use a wide range of hands on resources. They are taught techniques in clay, printmaking, drawing, painting, weaving and textiles. 




In Art and Design, children are reflective and evaluate their own and each other’s work, thinking about how they can make changes to keep improving. This is meaningful and continuous throughout the process, with evidence of age-related verbal and written reflection. Progression is seen through skills taught in sequences supporting the children to develop and build on their previous knowledge and skills and apply it further.


What we teach in Art & Design 






Mix It


Funny Faces and Fabulous Features

Rain and Sunrays

Street View


Mix It


Still Life

Flower Head

Portraits and Poses


Contrast and Complement

Prehistoric Pots 


People and Places

Mosaic Masters

Beautiful Botanicals



Contrast and Complement

Warp and Weft



Statues, Statuettes and Figurines

                      Islamic Art


Tints, Tones and Shades


Line, Light and Shadows

Nature’s Art

Mixed Media



Tints, Tones and Shades

Trailblazers, Barrier Breakers



Environmental Artists

Distortion Abstraction

Bees, Beetles and Butterflies


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