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Welcome to Y2 

Y2 is inspirational!


In Y2 we learn about people who have inspired us such as Rosa Parks, Neil Armstrong and Marcus Rashford. We visit the seaside for our project 'Coastlines' where we also get to make wooden beach huts in D&T. We also get to visit Manor Lodge Discovery Centre for our history project, Marvellous Monarchs. Year 2 is a very fun place to be and although we work very hard, we also like to find time to educate the whole child, including their social, emotional and physical health. Each term we complete a project of work that includes History, Geography, Science, Art, DT and Computing.


Phonics and Reading 

We do a Little Wandle phonics lesson every day. In addition to this, we do timetabled daily Keep Up with targeted children. Children are assessed regularly to ensure they are on track and any interventions that are needed, are put in place. Following half termly assessments, children are matched with a phonetically decodable reading book which they read three times a week as part of a group reading session with an adult in school. 


How you can help at home

Children take home a phonetically decobable book and choose a 'Snuggle Book' of their choice that can be read together as a family. Miss Ford’s class change these books on a Friday and Miss Brice’s class change these on a Wednesday. We want all children to be successful and enthusiastic readers for life. Each week we send home spellings for you to practise with your child at home. These spellings often include words from the Year 2 spelling list that they will need to know by the end of the year.  



Each week we have 2 P.E lessons, one indoors and one outdoors. Children should bring a P.E kit on these days in a separate bag and get changed for the lessons. This is an important part of Year 2 as we like to help build independence and give the children opportunities to practise their life skills. No jewellery should be worn during P.E lessons and stud earrings will need to be taken out or covered with a plaster. During P.E lessons we partake in a mixture of sports and fundamental physical skills.


Times Table Rockstars

By the end of Year 2, children should know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. To help practise these at home, each child is given login details to Times Table Rockstars. This App helps children practise their skills in fluency and accuracy.

We work in Y2SFo


Miss Suzie Ford- Class Teacher and Miss Kirsty May





We work in Y2IB


Miss Izzy Brice- Class Teacher 


Mrs Diane Hartley and Ms Tina Timmons- Teaching Assistants