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Welcome to Reception 


Reception is exciting!

Throughout our year in Reception we learn about explorers and places they discovered. We investigate the world around us focusing on our local area, the seasons, life cycles and how things grow. We love getting creative and focus on significant artists using a wide range of media. We have P.E. weekly where we develop our fundamental skills, balance and coordination.


Phonics and Reading

In Reception we start our Little Wandle journey by learning a new sound daily. As we progress through the year the children learn ‘tricky words’, ‘digraphs’ and ‘trigraphs’. Daily Keep Up sessions are built into the timetable to support targeted children. Children are assessed regularly to ensure they are on track. Later in the year, children are matched with a phonetically decodable reading book which they read as part of a group during our reading sessions with an adult in school.


How you can help at home


Weekly Homework

Children take home weekly phonics homework which looks at the sounds we are learning in class that week. This is an opportunity for you to support your child in recognising the new graphemes and spotting tricky words. We welcome you to keep these homework sheets to continually practise, so please feel free to post their homework on Dojo as we love to celebrate your child’s efforts at home.

Reading at home

We want children to develop a love for reading so each week your child will have the opportunity to choose a 'Snuggle Book' that can be shared together as a family. When our guided reading sessions begin in class, children will take home a phonetically decodable book.


Little Wandle Parent Information

Find pronunciation videos for the sounds taught in Reception here:




In Reception we want to give children opportunities to develop their skills in counting, understanding and using numbers. Children need your help to explore, experiment and discover. Repeating maths activities will develop their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Find Nursery rhymes and songs for learning the numbers 1 to 10 here:

Find maths games and videos here:


We all work in Reception


Class Teachers- Miss Kirsty Mathews and Miss Eve Melling


Miss Kirsty Mathews- class teacher


Teaching Assistants- Ms Lauren Rosbotham, Miss Stacey Roulson, Mrs Tracy Madeley


Find Reception Autumn 1 sounds here:

Find Reception Autumn 2 sounds here:

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Find ‘tricky words’ Information for parents here: