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Curriculum Implementation


We know our community well and have developed The Wybourn Way to ensure our curriculum meets the needs of our learners and enables them to reach their full potential.

We encourage every child to reach their potential. We do this through ensuring our curriculum is based on good quality resources. The Wybourn Curriculum operates within the National Curriculum and the EYFS Development Matters Framework. 


English is taught through high quality texts. As children move through the school, their speaking, listening, reading and writing is developed through different genres of narrative, non-fiction and poetry.  Alongside this, their skills grow in the areas of vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting. We also use 'Progression in Language Structures' to develop children's functional language across the curriculum.


Our maths scheme is based on The White Rose Maths Mastery planning but, through consultation, we have developed it to suit the needs of our own children.  Concepts and skills are broken down and regularly re-visited to enable children to consolidate learning and apply processes in a practical way.


For our Foundation Subjects, we use Cornerstones to help us plan and deliver inspiring and motivating lessons which helps us ensure National Curriculum coverage and supports our ambitious curriculum.


A huge part of our curriculum is ensuring our children’s emotional and social needs are met. To do this we use Zones of Regulation to help our children understand how they are feeling and how to regulate their emotions.