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At Wybourn we have created our own Maths curriculum known as ‘The Wybourn Way’. Our scheme is based on The White Rose Maths Mastery planning but, through consultation, we have developed it to suit the needs of our own children.  Concepts and skills are broken down and regularly re-visited to enable children to consolidate learning and apply processes in a practical way.


 We aim to deepen understanding and improve competence and confidence for every child in maths. Our maths planning is targeted to help children become creative and resilient mathematicians who engage and approach challenges with a positive mind-set. Where possible, we make links with themes children are currently learning as we believe this helps to secure and embed their own learning.


Our curriculum takes mathematical processes and breaks them down into chunks that children are able to digest. During each lesson, we look at using concrete materials to deepen and expand a child’s knowledge in order for them to further progress as a learner. At Wybourn we look at three main processes; concrete, pictorial and abstract. As children’s knowledge progresses they will be able to become more competent and abstract learners.

Maths in Y1

Maths in Y3

Maths in Y4

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