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Leadership Team

Our leadership team office is situated next to the school entrance. 


If you want to talk to any of us, for any reason, please come and see us.


Usually, at least one of us, is available at all times, in the rare times that we are not in, we will be very happy to arrange a mutually convenient time to see you.


Hannah Thornley

Headteacher -Wybourn

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Julian Wood

Deputy Headteacher/YR Teacher-Wybourn 

Assessment data, Esafety (Safeguarding Deputy) & Computing lead

Linda Rawlings

Assistant Headteacher -Wybourn (PT)

Curriculum Co-ordinator & History Lead 

Gill Booth

Assistant Headteacher/FS1 Teacher-Wybourn

P4C, Healthy Child Project, R&SH and Music Lead. NQT Mentor

Chris HowlettAssistant Headteacher/SENCO - Wybourn
Kim SmithSchool Manager-Wybourn
Joanne BradshawExecutive Principal SSET

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mrs C DeakinY6 Class Teacher  (KS2 Leader & Literacy)

Miss H Olpin

Y6 Class Teacher (English Support)

Miss L Wood

Y6 Class Teacher (EAL Lead)

Mr T White

Y5 Class Teacher (Science & Outdoor Learning)

Mr L Hallam

Y5 Class Teacher 

Mrs A LewisY5 Class Teacher  (Forest Schools Teacher)

Miss G Eckhardt

Y4 Class Teacher (DT Lead)

Miss A Godber

Y4 Class Teacher (RQT)

Miss Y Nasser

Y3 Class Teacher (RSHE Lead)

Miss S. Ford

Y3 Class Teacher (D&T Co Lead)

Miss C Yeardsley

Y2 Class Teacher (Maths Lead)

Ms P Joy

Y2 Class Teacher (Art Lead) PT

Mrs G Ellison

Y2 Class Teacher (Continuous Provision) PT

Miss B Fox

Y1 Class Teacher (D&T Co Lead)

Mrs A Crow

Y1 Class Teacher (RE Lead) PT

Mrs L WrightY1 Class Teacher PT

Mr D Abbott

YR Class Teacher  (PE co-Lead)

Mrs J Bingham

YR Class Teacher (Assistant P4C Lead)

Mr P Higgins

Ass. SENCo / The Harbour Teacher
Mrs H IrelandFS1 Class Teacher

Miss S Ashton

FS1 Class Teacher 

Mrs V Hudson

FS1 Lead / Early Years SENCo

(Safeguarding Deputy)

Ms L Perrins

FS1 Class Teacher  (on Maternity Leave)

Mrs M Worsnop

Senior Learning Mentor

(Safeguarding Deputy)

Mrs C Taylor

Assistant Learning Mentor

Mrs R Lomas

Assistant Learning Mentor

Mrs G Hollis

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr M Sadler

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr C Ventour

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss E Williams

Childcare Manager

(Safeguarding Deputy)

Mrs D Horst

Senior Early Years Practitioner 

Miss K George

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Miss K Butler

Early Years Practitioner

Miss H Kershaw

YR Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Seaton

Early Years Practitioner

Miss L Rosbotham

YR Teaching Assistant

Miss E Sayer

Early Years Practitioner

Miss H Crooks

Nursery Nurse

Miss L Forrest

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs L Passo

Assistant Early Years Practitioner

Miss K Riches

Assistant Early Years Practitioner

Mrs G Tomlinson

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Smith

Senior Administrator

Miss L Ashmore

Y5 Teaching Assistant

Miss S Birks

Y6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Cade

YR Teaching Assistant

Miss T Chappell

Y4 Teaching Assistant

Miss J Duroe

Y1 Teaching Assistant

Miss J Elliott

Y3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Fletcher

Y6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J BarlowY4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Hartley

Y2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Herrick

Y1 Teaching Assistant

Miss J WildY3 Teaching Assistant

Miss K Mina

Y1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Crump

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Smith

Inclusion Team Teaching Assistant

Miss C Timmons

Teaching Assistant

Ms R Turner

Y6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Sanderson


Mrs R Siddall

Finance Assistant

Miss J Smith

Whole School Assistant

Mrs J Hinchcliffe

Receptionist – Nursery

Mrs L Tyrrell

Whole Nursery Assistant

Mr S Hartley

Building Supervisor

Mr P Cade

Nursery Caretaker

Miss C Andrews

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs D Andrews

Nursery Cleaner

Mrs D Butler


Mrs S Carnall

Y5 Teaching Assistant 

Ms J Revill

Playworker/Teaching Assistant

Miss C Tomlinson


Mrs D Hobson

Nursery Cleaner

Mrs D Marsden

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Scamadin


Miss S Kelly