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Stay Safe Digitally (links for Parents)

If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the web links below useful.

Many Parents have been in contact with us recently about the use of the popular App Tik Tok


TikTok can be a great tool for self-expression and connect users around the world, so it is important that children are aware of the potential risks and learn how to use it in a safe way.


TikTok is giving parents new options to control how their kids use the app.

  • More specifically, thanks to "Family Safety Mode", parents and guardians are getting access to Digital Well-being toggles that allow them to manage how much time their children spend in the app. 

  • They can also limit who sends messages to them and turn off direct messaging completely.

  • Finally, they can restrict the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for kids.

  • Please see below for instructions on how to set up 'Family Safety Mode'.

This document has QR codes that once scanned are shortcuts to information about keeping your child safe online. Shared with kind permission of Bradford Innovation Centre