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Reception Curriculum


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In Reception we learn through play as we believe the development of the whole child is essential. We believe that children learn best through a balance of play based activities, first hand experiences, as well as carefully planned adult directed tasks. Within the continuous provision we develop our social, physical and communication skills. We explore and discover the world around us focusing on our local area, past and present and immersing ourselves in a range of stories, texts and poems. We have the opportunity to think creatively, investigate and solve problems both individually and within a group.


We spend a lot of our time outside, where we are fortunate enough to have climbing equipment and bikes to develop our gross motor muscles. We have a giant loose parts where we become resilient when building and constructing using our imagination. In our mud-kitchen and sand area we explore capacity, measure and role-play. We understand that all areas of learning can be achieved outside while the children’s long-term social, emotional and mental health are being enhanced.



Like in nursery, children in the FS2 setting learn through continuous provision activities, planned in order to meet the Early Years Development Matters objectives. These may take place indoors or outdoors.

Children participate in sessions, either as a class, small group or 1-1 where appropriate, focusing on all areas of the Early Years Curriculum.

These are:

Communication and Language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


We also use Cornerstones Curriculum to support them and ensure consistency throughout school. See below for our information about our curriculum. 

Our Curriculum


Project overview

Let’s Explore

This project teaches children about the environments that they share with others, including their homes, school and places in the local community.


Marvellous Machines


This interest-led project teaches children about the technology that is part of their daily lives and how machines help us. The project gives children the opportunity to build and create marvellous machines.


Build It Up


This project teaches children about structures and materials and gives them the opportunity to work in groups to create collaborative structures.


Puppets and Pop Ups


This creative project explores puppets and pop up books and gives children the opportunity to make puppets and use them to tell exciting stories.


Project overview

Long Ago

This project teaches children about how they have grown and changed since they were babies and how life in the past was different from today.


Ready, Steady, Grow


This project teaches children about food and farming and explores themes, including where food comes from, what plants and animals need to grow and survive and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.


Stories and Rhymes


This project teaches children about traditional stories and rhymes and gives them the opportunity to play with words and learn new vocabulary.


Signs of Spring


This project teaches children about the changes that happen during the spring, including weather and the festivals that are celebrated at this time of year.


Project overview

Animal Safari

This project teaches children about the animals that live around the world, how to look after animals and the importance of caring for our local and global environments.


Creep, Crawl and Wriggle


This mini project teaches children about invertebrates that live in their gardens and local environment.


On the Beach


This project teaches children about the plants and animals that live at the seaside. It also explores holidays in the past and the importance of keeping safe in the Sun.


Move It


This mini project teaches children about the importance of exercise, sleep and a balanced diet, and explores outdoor, summer games and activities.


Moving On


This Reception-only project celebrates the children’s successes throughout their Reception year. It explores how they have grown and changed and supports them with the changes to come as they move into Year 1.